What’s on your food?

There is this app “What’s on my food’’ which will give you inside information about pesticide residues that can be on your food, even after washing it.
How much of this is really on the food you are eating and what are the dangers of these pesticides?
The Pesticide Action Network’s Iphone app gives you the answers to these questions.
It shows a list of foods where pesticides are on and what chemicals are the most dangerous ones. The app let’s you compare organic to conventional foods in a new visual way. Their results come from multiple authoritative sources. You never knew these toxins where on your food untill you discover it with ‘What’s on my food’.


With this app you can make informed choices at the grocery store which is very nice and helpful.

It has future growth potential because more and more people don’t just eat whatever they think is nice without knowing what is inside (or in this situation on) the stuff. We want all information nowadays about what is healthy, how foods are made or how company’s work with the products. I think this form of transparency is a really good one. You can consume more ‘safe’ foods and become more healthy because of the knowledge you have. Your quality of life will be affected positively, especially the part of physical wellbeing.


Know what you’re eating!

This new app called ‘Nutrition quiz’ from Runtastic is an app which is about short food-tests. This tests are not only designed to check your knowledge about food and nutrition but specially to improve it!
Very interesting and educational, and you’’ll get to know a lot more about nutrition and health.
I am very interested in healty food, so to me this is a very funny way to learn about it.
It has future growth potential because people are more and more busy with making their lifestyle a healty one.
The influence of the social web is also growing, with this app you train good behavior by using a game, this development is called gamification.
This app is like a combination of these 2 factors which are becoming more important to people these days. It is proved that 19% of the people who own a smartphone use at least one app about health nowadays instead of 5% 2 years ago.

Source: Algemeen Dagblad, weekendbijlage 21/09/2013

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