Grocery-shopping in a different way

Due to the digital revolution and the increasing awareness around sustainability, the shopping-experience will be quite different in the future.
Nowadays everything can be ordered online and ‘normal’ shops are having a hard time with that. So they have to use this instead of breaking down because of it. There already are some supermarkets who use apps to let you shop virtually but there are more examples of how they can use these changes in order to grow.

Take a look at the examples that i have found for shops and supermarkets in the future.

Mobile Marketing
Mobile marketing is on the rise. Shops can send you discount or advertising information when you walk along the store. That seems not really enjoyable to me, getting messages all the time when you are in town. However, it goes further than that. There are apps that let you create your shoppinglist and after that lead you through the shop along those products. I think that is super usefull for the customer. You will save time when you can find all your products in one time without having to search fort hem.
Payments can also be done with the smartphone in the future supermarket.
These concepts use the trend ‘convenience’. As i mentioned in earlier posts, everything will be more efficient and faster in the future. Grocery-shopping too!
Ofcourse this will all be used as marketing. It is smart to use these apps because shops can show the customers specific products or suggestions for additional ones during their way through the shoppinglist-products. Therefore this will have future growth potential for shops.

Google Glass
Google-glass will also use things like this. If you want to know how it works click on the link below.

No plastic please!
Sustainability, is again a very important factor in the future in general, but is also going to play a huge role in the shopping-experience. I saw the following concept that offers a more sustainable way of grocery shopping.

In the centre of Antwerp will soon open a supermarket without plastic packages called the ‘Zero Waste shop’. According to the owner of this shop it’s the fourth one in the world.
There are buckets hanging on the wall and customers must bring their own packaging. There are glass bottles and other sustainable bags available for those who don’t have them at home. The products must be bragged by the customers themselves and then will be weighed afterwards. There is less waste because they can decide how much of a product they want to buy.
In addition to food they will also be selling products like soap and facemasks.

This new way of (grocery)shopping is focused on a more ecological and durable way of living. I would really go to a store like this. It is nice that you can buy just the amount that you want to use and you’ll helpt the earth to become more sustainable.
This concept will be used in the future because it’s a simple way to decrease waste! What do you think about these changes?

zero 002





The kitchen of the future

What will cooking be like in 5 or 10 years?
That’s one of the questions i asked myself when i imagined living in the future.
I found some examples of concepts that could change the kitchen if they ever become reality.


First: An interactive touchscreen cooktop that can display recipes, facebook and twitter updates, the news, the weather and more. It is developed by Whirlpool this year to show an idea of the future of the kitchen.
This cooktop has several exciting and innovative options; you can display recipes next to your ingredients and pans instead of keeping a book or laptop/ipad nearby while you’re cooking. You can change your music on your audio system and you can check (which i already mentioned) different feeds of social media without having to walk away from your kitchen to do that. All this stuff can be controlled with your voice as well. (very handy when you’ve got dirty hands)
Representatives said that this technology is in ‘active development’ and that maybe the cooktop will be out in about five years.

Connected kitchen products
Another development is that in the future, all devices in the kitchen can communicate with eachother. Whirlpool is also showing an app which can control these devices.
Can you imagine? A fridge that suggests recipes, an oven that can automatically program itself. It sounds like a fantasy but Whirlpool is working on it. I am very curious and excited about this and i hope that it will be reality soon.

Smart dishwashers and smart fridges
Just easily checking the news, the morning weather or browsing the web on the door of your refridgerator? This is already possible, with the Smart fridge from SamSung.
The fridge has a touchscreen at the door where you can do multiple things with. You can leave a note for your family or check your social networks in an few seconds.


Or take the Smart dishwasher from Miele. This is the most intelligent and quickest dishwasher on earth. It offers energy- efficient options; cleaning settings which allow the consumers to save energy and water when possible.
‘The dishwasher was created with real-world cleaning challenges in mind’ according to Miele.

These products above affect the quality of life in a good way. Mostly the material wellbeing because the producs help you to save time and money. But also your social wellbeing, cooking together is fun, and chatting with friends on facebook while you are cooking is too.

In another post, i wrote about the fact that there will be more and more touchscreens everywhere. With the touchscreen cooktop and the smart wifi enabled refrigerator this will also be a normal thing in the future-kitchens.

The conclusion: our homes and therefore our kitchens will be all High-tech and contain sustainable products to help the environment.


Food Maps


This photo serie shows what types of food are eaten in the world’s largest countries. It doesn’t show all the eating habits of a country but it’s about one characteristic food category
Henry Hargreaves (an artist from New Zealand) has made this project together with stylist Caitlin Levin and graphic designer Sarit Melmed.
It is a cool and creative way to let people know which foods are eaten most in several countries.
In addition, our communication has become more visual the last few years. So this way of showing information is attractive and has future growth potential.
I must say i indeed like adopting information out of pictures more instead of reading a text. I feel like i can remember it better and for a longer time too.
All these pictures are true works of art, all you’ve got to do is just look at it!
For more of these pictures look at these websites below.


What’s on your food?

There is this app “What’s on my food’’ which will give you inside information about pesticide residues that can be on your food, even after washing it.
How much of this is really on the food you are eating and what are the dangers of these pesticides?
The Pesticide Action Network’s Iphone app gives you the answers to these questions.
It shows a list of foods where pesticides are on and what chemicals are the most dangerous ones. The app let’s you compare organic to conventional foods in a new visual way. Their results come from multiple authoritative sources. You never knew these toxins where on your food untill you discover it with ‘What’s on my food’.


With this app you can make informed choices at the grocery store which is very nice and helpful.

It has future growth potential because more and more people don’t just eat whatever they think is nice without knowing what is inside (or in this situation on) the stuff. We want all information nowadays about what is healthy, how foods are made or how company’s work with the products. I think this form of transparency is a really good one. You can consume more ‘safe’ foods and become more healthy because of the knowledge you have. Your quality of life will be affected positively, especially the part of physical wellbeing.

Fresh from the world: Know where your food comes from. is an educational website for kids to make them learn more about where their food comes from. It is an initiative from the university of Ilunois extension.
On the website there is very much information available about products that are eaten often. It shows the process of food from the farmer who cultivates it, till the point where you buy it at the grocery store.
They also give the children historical information about how products are cultivated by a certain populationgroup but have been spread by other travelers and explorers. This is to give them background information about today’s complex food distribution chain.
This is an example of how children can be educated about the foods they are eating. In america, a huge part of the population is overweight because they eat to much fatty and sugary foods. There should be more sites, maybe games (?) like this to show and teach children that eating healthy can be very nice and why it is necessary for their health. This has future growht potential because it is very important in this world to make the people more aware of what they are doing. More knowledge can lead to prevention of many diseases.



You want some Brogurt?

”Brogurt” is Greek yoghurt just for guys. It has been created under the name of ‘Powerfull Yoghurt’ by a team of sports nutritionists, food scientists, and trainers. They call this a ‘’for men, by men-snack’’. It is developed to help guys lose fat, gain muscle and improve their digestive health.
The yoghurt is all-natural, fat-free and comes in six flavours. It is also sold in ‘’man-size’’. (8-ounce cups). This cups are full of protein to make muscles grow.


In a market dominated by female consumers, the devolopers of ‘’Powerfull Yoghurt’’ decided to develop a product that satisfies the unique health and nutrition needs of the male consumer. It approaches their masculinity, and motivates them to become even more manly. The difference between men and women becomes bigger.
That’s why it is a very attractive product for men. It is High in protein, all- natural, great tasting and absolutely not for girls. It is created for regular men, who go to the gym now and then, want to watch their bodies but also want to drink a beer and eat chicken wings. This product shows that it is possible for everybody to become healhty and good looking in a world where it can be difficult to eat right. Because of this ” Powerfull Yoghurt” reaches a big audience.


This product has future growth potential because it is like a superfood but it makes men feel like men.
We are also more then ever busy with our health. The world is full of obesity and many other diseases, so it is very important to become healthy & fit, and stay that way. We all want to prevent getting heart diseases. And moreover we want to look as good as we possibly can.


Swinging in Leiden

A pub called Estaminet Schommelen (which means swinging)? There must be something special about it.
In this pub it’s not just sitting normally at the bar and drinking your beer. You can sit on a swing while you are waiting for your drink. Or you can soicalize with other visitors or friends while swinging. But swinging while you’re drinking doesn’t seem like a good plan to me. However, it’s a great concept if you ask me. It’s like reliving your childhood when you start to swing. The experience is different from ‘normal’ pubs or restaurants. That’s why i think many people will like it and why it has potential.
The name ‘Estaminet’ comes from the Flemish, and means local favourite pub. For many people this is a fine local pub, where they serve 9 different types of beer.
Rather just drink your beer in the outdoor café on a chair, no problem as well.
They also have 2 big tv screens inside where you can watch various sporting events.
Have you ever watched a soccergame while swinging? I don’t think so.
It’s an original concept and worth a visit.
source: Arts in spe, nr. 11 november 2013