Walking down the street with my technology on

That we use technology everywhere we go isn’t news, but did you know that you can also wear technology as normal clothing?
This post is about wearable technology. Interested? Read on!

Let your feet charge your phone
Using our bodies to generate energy is an upcoming idea. Anthony Mutua, a 24-year-old entrepreneur in Kenya created a shoe which can charge our mobile devices as we run or walk. There is an ultra-thin chip within the soles of the shoes, when you put it under pressure with the weight of a person’s body the crystals inside the chip can create electricity. When you are done running or you arrive at the place where you wanted to go, you can sit down and charge your mobile phone for example. The crystal chip fits in any type of shoe except for flipflops. So basically you generate your own energy to charge your gadgets! That’s pretty cool. You are not just sucking the energy out of an electrical outlet.


Charging your phone at the beach
Another example of a garment which is capable of charging your mobile phone is the solar bikini developed by Andrew Schneider. This bikini has a USB-connection and the male-version is already on it’s way, called the iDrink.


We will have to find more ways to generate electricity in the future because we are running out of sources eventually.
This is a nice, sustainable and simple way of creating more energy without having to make extra effort.

Smart headphones
Headphones which know exactly where you are and give you directions. No, we are not talking about Google glass. The cool thing about these intelligent headphones from Danish audio specialists GN is that they look completely normal, but are ‘smart’.  They can connect to a tablet or a smartphone via Bluetooth and are an audio version of google glass. The smart headphones can be used in many different situations in the future. To support and navigate blind people for example, or to give information for a tour through a museum.




The real Barbie

A realistic Barbie-doll based on the average 19-year old female body in the United States, that’s what this project is all about. Nickolay Lamm wanted to make a statement by re-designing this fashion doll.
He introduced an image of how a real Barbie looks like after working on several body-image projects and a lot of research. He got very much positive reactions towards this project and decided to make a real proto-type.
He used the standard female body measurements and a 3D-printer to make one.

He created a ‘real’ doll-line called Lammily (https://www.lammily.com/average-is-beautiful) to show people that average is beautiful which is very cool.
This form of transparency makes people aware of how unrealistic Barbie is. And could help prevent young girls from having a low self-esteem.
A lot of magazines and websites published a positive article about this real barbie and asked where they could find one for their daughters.
”Right now, there is no product in the fashion doll market which promotes realistich beauty standards. The goal of Lammily is to provide a new alternative to girls and their parents. I feel there’s so much critisism of current dolls on the market and some of us are waiting for something to happen. With Lammily, there is no waiting. Backers can help create a doll which, in my opinion, should have been made decades ago.’’ Says Nickolay.
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https://www.lammily.com/average-is-beautiful http://www.sheckys.com/2013/07/06/redesigning-woman-barbie-gets-a-real-body-image/


The feminine fifties are coming back!

The latest collection by Dior (pre-fall 2014) shows a lot of outfits who bring us back to the fifties. The dresses, the colours and the silhouettes.
They are all inspired by the 1950s where ladies looked most feminine.
In this article i’ll show you the similarity with the black and white pictures (from the 50s) and the colored pictures which are from the pre-fall collection now.

1950scocktaildress christian-dior-pre-fall-2014-08_10254754032

In 1947 Christian Dior came up with the ‘New look’. World war II was just over and in the world of fashion there was a violent need for luxury. Dior created the New look just at the right time. It was an elegant style with many waist skirts and tight tops which showed the waist and cleavage. (the hourglass).
This style was very feminine in comparison to what many women wore in the years during the war.


It is alsow more feminine than what women wore the last few years. Which is in my opinion not very ladylike. Think about boyfriend jeans, hoodies and sweaters. There is nothing more feminine than showing your waistline ladies.

christian-dior-pre-fall-2014-03_10254326467 5317507b1dd0f21aa7898ec8d58e8bf7

feminin woman vs. masculine woman

Also research shows that there is a big need to relive some things from the past. Familiar things with memories. I think that this new collection is part of that and therefore has future potential. And this is just a beginning. More styles from the past will come back in today’s fashion and streetstyle.

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