Mobility will be improved by using apps

The way of moving in cities will be different in the future, that’s for sure. But what is the biggest change we see in mobility ?
Technology has been developing itself for a few years now and these developments are mostly focused on making our every-day lives easier.
In a few more years their will be apps for everything. We will be able to control a lot of things with our smartphones, wherever and whenever we want.
Do you need a taxi as soon as possible? There is an app for that.
Travelling in your own car and want to know which is the shortest way with the least obstacles? There is an app for that too. You can easily move from place to place without losing time in a more sustainable way.
A few examples of apps who already get used by a lot of people to improve mobility in cities:

Taxi’s get used a lot in big cities. And they will need to transport more people in a shorter amount of time since cities become more densely populated in the future. There are some easy digital solutions for that.

Get Taxi
With the Get Taxi app users can order a taxi in a fast and easy way. Once an order is placed, the most nearby taxi gets a notification and goes pick the person up. While the costumer is waiting, he or she can check where the taxi is with a GPS tracker. Its like you track your order from a webshop. Also the payment is regulated by the app itself if you synchronised your creditcard with your smartphone.
This app doesn’t only make life easier because you can get a taxi within 2 minutes, it is also more efficient than using your own car, because it’s often very difficult to find a good, unexpensive parking spot. You can’t run out of gas and you will never waste time because their is an 4G Wifi network available in the Get Taxi cars, so that you can work or amuse yourself while you’re moving from place to place. That sounds like a pretty cool way of travelling to me.

The app Uber is another example of an easy to use app to get a taxi. You can also see the price before you leave and you can easily split the bill with your friends because of the link with your creditcards and smartphones. Easy!!

Waze is an app which gives you directions and monitor traffic conditions for others who are on the road at the same time as you are. This app is all about togetherness with your fellow-drivers in order to promote the traffic flow.

Taxi services and apps like this have future growth potential. New apps are invented everyday to make life easier and to make people move faster.

It is also important for many cities to improve urban mobility with sustainable transport options. A normal taxi drives 4 miles extra between orders and got waiting passengers. These services are more efficient. The same number of taxi’s can take more orders and transport more people in the same time. So the emission of Co2 can be reduced as well.
These changes affect the quality of life in several ways. Your physical wellbeing can be improved when you don’t have to wait outside for a long time to get a taxi. Your emotional wellbeing can also be affected positively because of that. You can save time, which makes it possible to do other things and improve your development and activity.
So the next time you’ve got a problem to get somewhere, search in your playstore to find an app for it!