Walking down the street with my technology on

That we use technology everywhere we go isn’t news, but did you know that you can also wear technology as normal clothing?
This post is about wearable technology. Interested? Read on!

Let your feet charge your phone
Using our bodies to generate energy is an upcoming idea. Anthony Mutua, a 24-year-old entrepreneur in Kenya created a shoe which can charge our mobile devices as we run or walk. There is an ultra-thin chip within the soles of the shoes, when you put it under pressure with the weight of a person’s body the crystals inside the chip can create electricity. When you are done running or you arrive at the place where you wanted to go, you can sit down and charge your mobile phone for example. The crystal chip fits in any type of shoe except for flipflops. So basically you generate your own energy to charge your gadgets! That’s pretty cool. You are not just sucking the energy out of an electrical outlet.


Charging your phone at the beach
Another example of a garment which is capable of charging your mobile phone is the solar bikini developed by Andrew Schneider. This bikini has a USB-connection and the male-version is already on it’s way, called the iDrink.


We will have to find more ways to generate electricity in the future because we are running out of sources eventually.
This is a nice, sustainable and simple way of creating more energy without having to make extra effort.

Smart headphones
Headphones which know exactly where you are and give you directions. No, we are not talking about Google glass. The cool thing about these intelligent headphones from Danish audio specialists GN is that they look completely normal, but are ‘smart’.  They can connect to a tablet or a smartphone via Bluetooth and are an audio version of google glass. The smart headphones can be used in many different situations in the future. To support and navigate blind people for example, or to give information for a tour through a museum.




Jeans with a mission

New jeans for women have a lot more to offer than we are used to. They have a mission, and that mission is to boost our femininity.
Levi’s uses a unique liquid shaping technology to lift and lengthen your body with their jeans so that your feminin curves will be seen and adored. They have made a number of types for different kinds of bodies. So that every woman can feel more confident in jeans. (Some of their jeans can make your buttocks appear fuller!)



Women also love to take care of themselves and their bodies.
So Gsus comes up with jeans that are baptized in Aloe vera. The Aloe vera ensures that your legs stay soft throughout the day.

Wrangler goes one step further and wants to reduce cellulite with their jeans.
So they use seakelp in their jeans. This combats the cellulite.

These ways to make jeans multifunctional are new and innovative and got future growth potential. Why?
Research shows that 70% of women find themselves too fat and aren’t confident about their bodies. These are easy ways to look and feel better. Which woman doesn’t want to have a sleek,nice and smooth body?
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A virtual fitting room

A virtual fitting room is a new development to reduce the number of returns at webshops for clothing. The consumer can see if the clothes fit, before he orders it. That is cool, and makes online shopping easier and a real experience.
Adidas already has this virtual fitting room in their webshop.
It works like this: The consumer performs his length and sizes, afther which the clothing will be fitted on a true to life character on the screen.
It is very important for Adidas that consumers find the right size or fit in one time, so the number of returns will decline and the consumer can be pleased with the purchase out of the webshop.
The idea comes from the English company Fits.me. According to the founder and CEO of Fits.me the visitor receives a better image of how the clothing fit and how it feels.
Not being able to fit the clothing is an important obstacle when online shopping. This can be solved with this tool.
Asos.com also offers a virtual catwalk so that consumers exactly can see how clothing looks when the consumer moves.
Research has shown that 62% of the customers are more likely to proceed a purchase when they can view the garment this way, than when there is only a size chart available.
People are buying more and more stuff over the internet, and compare different products online these days. So this is an important development which certainly has a future.
source: http://www.emerce.nl/nieuws/adidas-bouwt-virtueel-pashokje-webshop