About me

Hi I’m Milou, and first off all i want to thank you for visiting my blog. Welcome!

Here’s some information about me:
I was born in Holland, on the 20th of August in 1994.
I am studying International Lifestyle Studies, which is about trendwatching, coolhunting and concepting. I am so happy that i have the opportunity to learn about things that i am interested in, like food, health or fashion. I also love things like dancing, being creative, being healthy, watching movies, beauty and much more..
You will find out on my blog if you  start following me ;).

In my opinion life is to short to not look around! I will be posting ‘coolhunts’ for my study, which are interesting new things with future growth potential.
So read my blog and stay up to date! I will also be blogging about things i see, like or think are important.

I hope you enjoy!



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