Be beautiful, be real

Thin photoshopped models. You cannot go a day without seeing them.
But the lingerie company Aerie uses real models fort heir ads. Their pictures are unretouched, which is uncommon and new in this industry.
We all know the billboards from Sapph or Victoria Secret where beautiful models show the thongs and bra’s with perfect bodies. But these pictures are not what they seem. Most of the time photoshop is used to make the models look even more perfect.


Women and teenage girls can become very insecure because of these ads. That is why Aerie started this campagin using the tagline: the real you is sexy. To show that ‘real girls’ are beautiful, feminine and sexy too.


I think this is a very postivie development, because there are so many girls suffering from a low-selfesteem and self-image. Could this help against that fact? I think that is questionable. Because the models are still quite slim and pretty. But at least they are real! As far as i am concerned, they may show clothes and lingerie with different models with more common sizes, but this is a start! Therefore it has future growth potential but it must go further than this.

Like the model-agency in America called JAG Models who only use ‘normal’ sized girls. In the fashionworld they would call them plus size, but at JAG models they don’t.
Simply, because they aren’t plus size, they are normal. There are more women in this world with size L than XS or S. This model-agency is the first to just call models with Medium or Large models, instead of plus-size models. This is a really good thing. Hopefully there will be more company’s using these models to show girls what real bodies are.



The feminine fifties are coming back!

The latest collection by Dior (pre-fall 2014) shows a lot of outfits who bring us back to the fifties. The dresses, the colours and the silhouettes.
They are all inspired by the 1950s where ladies looked most feminine.
In this article i’ll show you the similarity with the black and white pictures (from the 50s) and the colored pictures which are from the pre-fall collection now.

1950scocktaildress christian-dior-pre-fall-2014-08_10254754032

In 1947 Christian Dior came up with the ‘New look’. World war II was just over and in the world of fashion there was a violent need for luxury. Dior created the New look just at the right time. It was an elegant style with many waist skirts and tight tops which showed the waist and cleavage. (the hourglass).
This style was very feminine in comparison to what many women wore in the years during the war.


It is alsow more feminine than what women wore the last few years. Which is in my opinion not very ladylike. Think about boyfriend jeans, hoodies and sweaters. There is nothing more feminine than showing your waistline ladies.

christian-dior-pre-fall-2014-03_10254326467 5317507b1dd0f21aa7898ec8d58e8bf7

feminin woman vs. masculine woman

Also research shows that there is a big need to relive some things from the past. Familiar things with memories. I think that this new collection is part of that and therefore has future potential. And this is just a beginning. More styles from the past will come back in today’s fashion and streetstyle.


Jeans with a mission

New jeans for women have a lot more to offer than we are used to. They have a mission, and that mission is to boost our femininity.
Levi’s uses a unique liquid shaping technology to lift and lengthen your body with their jeans so that your feminin curves will be seen and adored. They have made a number of types for different kinds of bodies. So that every woman can feel more confident in jeans. (Some of their jeans can make your buttocks appear fuller!)



Women also love to take care of themselves and their bodies.
So Gsus comes up with jeans that are baptized in Aloe vera. The Aloe vera ensures that your legs stay soft throughout the day.

Wrangler goes one step further and wants to reduce cellulite with their jeans.
So they use seakelp in their jeans. This combats the cellulite.

These ways to make jeans multifunctional are new and innovative and got future growth potential. Why?
Research shows that 70% of women find themselves too fat and aren’t confident about their bodies. These are easy ways to look and feel better. Which woman doesn’t want to have a sleek,nice and smooth body?
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How to be a proper lady

There is this Website and Blog which offers an e-guide and e-course about femininity and elegance. It is based on English ladies and the literature of Jane Austen. This gives you the answer when you ask yourself: How can I be more feminine? The developer of this website wants to help females who lost their femininity, and who want to learn more about how they need to behave towards men in a more feminine way. But she also helps with other stuff women have to deal with, like for example relationship-issues.

Screen shot 2013-02-03 at 9.57.08 PM

Eventual, in the ‘50’s and 60’s for example, women were very different from who they are now. They were treated as real women. Men asked them out. Payed for dinner, and eventually they took care of the kids while their husband made the money.
Things have changed a lot. And women are starting to feel less feminine. That’s where courses like this come in. To help a lady who doesn’t feel like a real lady anymore. Information about ‘How to be a gentleman’ already sounds familiar. But this is a new thing.

Screen shot 2012-02-26 at 10.26.10 AM

And I think women nowadays could use it. As women in the streets show, they are more and more looking and behaving masculine. There is no silhouette, no waist is shown, bikerboots are seen everywhere instead of heels. And I don’t say that every woman needs to wear heels but you can’t call this feminine, right? So I think that courses like this have potential.


You want some Brogurt?

”Brogurt” is Greek yoghurt just for guys. It has been created under the name of ‘Powerfull Yoghurt’ by a team of sports nutritionists, food scientists, and trainers. They call this a ‘’for men, by men-snack’’. It is developed to help guys lose fat, gain muscle and improve their digestive health.
The yoghurt is all-natural, fat-free and comes in six flavours. It is also sold in ‘’man-size’’. (8-ounce cups). This cups are full of protein to make muscles grow.


In a market dominated by female consumers, the devolopers of ‘’Powerfull Yoghurt’’ decided to develop a product that satisfies the unique health and nutrition needs of the male consumer. It approaches their masculinity, and motivates them to become even more manly. The difference between men and women becomes bigger.
That’s why it is a very attractive product for men. It is High in protein, all- natural, great tasting and absolutely not for girls. It is created for regular men, who go to the gym now and then, want to watch their bodies but also want to drink a beer and eat chicken wings. This product shows that it is possible for everybody to become healhty and good looking in a world where it can be difficult to eat right. Because of this ” Powerfull Yoghurt” reaches a big audience.


This product has future growth potential because it is like a superfood but it makes men feel like men.
We are also more then ever busy with our health. The world is full of obesity and many other diseases, so it is very important to become healthy & fit, and stay that way. We all want to prevent getting heart diseases. And moreover we want to look as good as we possibly can.