A virtual fitting room

A virtual fitting room is a new development to reduce the number of returns at webshops for clothing. The consumer can see if the clothes fit, before he orders it. That is cool, and makes online shopping easier and a real experience.
Adidas already has this virtual fitting room in their webshop.
It works like this: The consumer performs his length and sizes, afther which the clothing will be fitted on a true to life character on the screen.
It is very important for Adidas that consumers find the right size or fit in one time, so the number of returns will decline and the consumer can be pleased with the purchase out of the webshop.
The idea comes from the English company Fits.me. According to the founder and CEO of Fits.me the visitor receives a better image of how the clothing fit and how it feels.
Not being able to fit the clothing is an important obstacle when online shopping. This can be solved with this tool.
Asos.com also offers a virtual catwalk so that consumers exactly can see how clothing looks when the consumer moves.
Research has shown that 62% of the customers are more likely to proceed a purchase when they can view the garment this way, than when there is only a size chart available.
People are buying more and more stuff over the internet, and compare different products online these days. So this is an important development which certainly has a future.
source: http://www.emerce.nl/nieuws/adidas-bouwt-virtueel-pashokje-webshop




New York in line for sustainable Dutch Design

New York is under the spell of sustainability. Customers in supermarkets prefer organic products, and if it’s possible they also want larger purchases to be sustainable too.
Since last year The Dutch Robbert Zoon has gone to New York on behalf of ten sustainable Dutch Design companies with different concepts. For example the Wooden bicycle by Jan Gunneweg, the Concept Lease A Jeans by Bert Son, where a customer doesn’t buy a pair of jeans, but leases it for at least a year. Cool, isn’t it? Or the biological destructible golf balls from the company Biogolf. These balls are made of patato waste and a are great alternative for the 300 milion golf balls that get lost annually.
The demand for sustainable products and services is growing steadily according to Robbert Zoon.
Especially the combination of Dutch Design with sustainability is very popular in the City. And they pay more for it than here in The Netherlands. People in New York arent’ so involvoed with sustainability yet, but it’s coming up. People want to live a more durable sustainable life, which offers opportunities for companies.
Because, if you can make it in New York.. you can make it everywhere right?
sources: AD Groene Hart Gouda


Meet Khloé Kardashian in Amsterdam

Last Saturday (the 16th of november), Khloé Kardashian came to Amsterdam, to promote her own brand named ‘Kardashian Kollection for Lipsy’. The clothes are designed bij Khloé and her 2 sisters Kourtney and Kim and will be sold at the Bijenkorf.
It became a huge event. When i arrived at the Bijenkorf, it seemed like it wasn’t so busy at first. But inside it was full of people. Thousands of girls between the ages of 12 and 25 were gathered to see the 29 years old American member of the Kardashian family. (I was in between).
Winners of the special Kardashian-quiz were allowed to meet her personally, a meet & greet.
It is cool to see or meet famous people, especially if they are internationally known.
This is a special form of promotion which attracts many potential customers. The costumers become more interested in this collection if they couldd meet Khloé. The collection will only be sold there in The Neherlands so it’s pretty exlcusive for people from Holland.
There is some special attention for this collection, but maybe (the new) customers will also buy stuff from other collections and brands at the Bijenkorf.
This is a good sales strategy, and therefore I think will be used even more in the future.


How to pick the best sofa

When you need a new sofa, you’re going to look for it in catalogues or on the internet. When you have found one, as excited as you are,you really want to see how it looks in your house. Previously, that wasn’t possible. But this year it is possible for the first time. You can place certain furniture in your room to see how it looks with the Ikea Catalogue app.
Just like the usual Ikea catalogue, the digital one is full of interior inspiration and ideas.
There are 300 pages which show a selection of the ikea products. With this app you can also download other IKEA publications and you’ll have access to much more content.
You can watch video’s and 360° interiors and you also learn the story behind a product. That’s all very cool. But i think the coolest thing is that you can see which product fits the best in your house.
It also has future growht potential. Nowadays people often look on the internet if they want to buy something. They compare different products with eachother and then make their decisions.
Ikea makes that decision easier by doing this.
Costumers rather buy furniture on the internet when they have an impression of how it looks in their houses.
Ikea catalogue, available for Apple and Android (free)
Source: Viva, oktober 2013




Swinging in Leiden

A pub called Estaminet Schommelen (which means swinging)? There must be something special about it.
In this pub it’s not just sitting normally at the bar and drinking your beer. You can sit on a swing while you are waiting for your drink. Or you can soicalize with other visitors or friends while swinging. But swinging while you’re drinking doesn’t seem like a good plan to me. However, it’s a great concept if you ask me. It’s like reliving your childhood when you start to swing. The experience is different from ‘normal’ pubs or restaurants. That’s why i think many people will like it and why it has potential.
The name ‘Estaminet’ comes from the Flemish, and means local favourite pub. For many people this is a fine local pub, where they serve 9 different types of beer.
Rather just drink your beer in the outdoor café on a chair, no problem as well.
They also have 2 big tv screens inside where you can watch various sporting events.
Have you ever watched a soccergame while swinging? I don’t think so.
It’s an original concept and worth a visit.
source: Arts in spe, nr. 11 november 2013