Where is everybody?

Is my brother already on his way home from school or is he playing soccer with his friends?
And where is my dad, is he still at work?

The brand new free app Lokki (i0s & Android) will show it. The app allows users to check out where family members (or friends) are at that time. Unlike many other so-called family trackers, this app lets users temporarily hide their location if they just don’t want to be found.
This app has future growth potential because nowadays every family member has a smartphone .calling because you don’t know where someone is will be oldfashioned soon.
This app is built by the Finnisch security company F-secure and it also contains a built-in chat function.
I think that is ery useful too.
Source AD magazine, 05/10/2013




All your contacts in one place

If you’re really active on the social web, your contacts can be found in many different places.
On facebook for example, or Gmail. Searching for those details can take very much time if you don’t remember where you got your contact from.
With the AllSync app you can save all your contact details from services like facebook, twitter, Gmail, Yahoo and Linkedin on your iphone.
AllSync links social relations directly on your iphone contacts. Wich can prevent having double contacts on your phone.
An app like this like this is usefull for almost everybody.
For people like me who use social media a lot. But also businesspeople could be very interested in this app because they can also save their business contacts without searching for them in e-mails, on cards or in papers. They can just easy save them on their iphone.
With the growing number of social media, we get more and more contacts which makes it nice to use this app.
Source: AD magazine, 05/10/2013